Loop Industries is challenging the construction industry by investing in and creating the best technology driven ideas and cases.
01 About

Loop Industries challenges the construction industry by investing in the best technology driven ideas and cases. We believe that we can redefine the industry with smarter solutions that leverage the benefits of the digital transformation.

New disruptive technologies will change and improve how we do business in the future. We want to contribute in this development by presenting new business models designed to meet the highest standards of our industry.

Loop Industries is a tech and design driven company based in Epicenter Stockholm with a diverse, international and talented team of individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives and disciplines of business development.

Our name Loop Industries is connected to the loop sign, a symbol of growth, eternity and circularity. It sets the bar for the business that we want build – an ecosystem that puts nature first.

02 Companies

The dating app for stones

Loop Rocks’ open platform enables its users to share, sell and buy construction materials as gravel, soil and concrete directly with each other.

The solution reduces transportation costs and increases the recycling ratio of existing materials. Loop Rocks has received many prizes and acknowledges, with highlights as being finalist at Circular Awards, winner of E-Prize and CIO Awards.

Smart matching of transport buyers and haulers

Hauly is a digital marketplace for construction material transports in the main city regions in Europe. Through smart algoritms, Hauly matches transport jobs with haulage firms and drivers.

Haulers will be provided with more job opportunities with higher margins by matching empty truckloads with transports nearby, and transport buyers are provided with the best deals possible.

A one stop shop for construction materials
Loop Rocks Express is a complementary platform to Loop Rocks. Loop Rocks Express collects and compares different construction companies supplies of new materials. It is a one stop shop which connects the customer to the best offer on the market with focus on express delivery and high quality materials.
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Jakobsbergsgatan 31
111 44 Stockholm
Anders Torell
Anna Wahlström
Head of Design
Carl Zide
Head of Loop Rocks
Di Chai
Software Engineer
Erik Mårtensson
Software Engineer
Filip Mannerfelt
Business Engineer
Igor Kovacevic
Joanna Kamińska
UX Designer
Jonas Stridh
Konstantinos Pachatouridis
Software Engineer
Mark Vasiv
Software Engineer
Matthew Weltman
Software Engineer
Max Magnusson
Customer Success Manager
Olof Ehrs
Press Officer
Valentine Mytchyk
UI Designer